The autumn days are coming
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    Sunday 1 September 2021

    The autumn days are coming

    Elisabetta Passafaro

    Autumn is around the corner again. During these cold, rainy days, you prefer to curl up on the couch under a warm blanket. This is wonderful to do, but there are also other activities that will help you get through the fall.

    Fun autumn outdoor activities

    Nature is so beautiful in autumn that you have to enjoy it. And how can you best enjoy nature in the fall? By taking a walk in the woods of course! To make the forest walk a bit more exciting, you can look for treasures such as chestnuts, acorns, beech nuts, twigs and colored leaves. Whoever has found the most treasures wins!

    Another fun outdoor activity in the fall is visiting a pumpkin farm! At this pumpkin farm you can choose a delicious pumpkin to make tasty recipes, such as pumpkin soup! Or you choose to bring beautiful pumpkins and use them as decoration in the house.

    Not done with autumn yet? Then look for an apple or pear tree and reap your own luck! By the way, you can make a very tasty jam from the picked apples and pears. And what could be more fun to give as a present than homemade jam?

    Nice autumn activities for indoors

    Are you bored during a drizzly autumn day? Then go bake cookies! Give the cookies an autumnal atmosphere by adding cinnamon, speculaas or apple to your recipe and here we are! Would not you be happy with such a delicious cookie scent in the kitchen?

    If you are inside, take time for each other and play a game together. A game of Monopoly or Game of Goose is probably somewhere in the back of the cupboard!

    Do you feel more like chilling out and doing nothing? Then a movie marathon is a good idea! Make a top 3 of films you want to see and watch them all at once. During a movie night, a delicacy should of course not be missing. And what is the best thing on a drizzly day, while lying on the couch under a warm blanket? Chocolate milk of course!

    The Belgian Chocolate Makers range offers a wide choice of different types of chocolate, which means that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our favorite for autumn evenings are, without doubt, the choco stick dark chocolate and choco stick milk chocolate! A choco stick is not only tasty for yourself, but is also great fun to give as a gift.

    The following chocolates also best suit the drizzly autumn days:

    • At number 1 comes the autumn pralines box. This box of pralines perfectly matches with a rainy autumn day. An pralines with coffee or tea is of course delicious, but if you really want to suprise someone with an original gift, choose this delicious box of pralines! In addition, you can of course also just buy it for yourself…
    • Warm and spicy products are a perfect combination with the arrival of the autumn days. A typical autumn product is pumpkin, which is why our beloved pumpkin dark chocolate is also extremely popular at the moment.
    • The autumn special chocolate bar should of course not be missing in our opinion. A delicious chocolate bar 44% from Java that you can enjoy sitting comfortably on the couch is a match made in heaven! Add a nice banket and enjoy!

    Autumn gifts of chocolate

    The Autumn pralines box is great to give as a gift, but you can of course also spoil yourself. You can buy this at our Brussels store but you can also order our products in our online webshop.

    In addition to the pralines, The Belgian Chocolate Makers is also offering a wide range of other delicious chocolate products. Our numerous chocolate bars come in many flavours and from many different plantations all over the world. We also have many different types of mendiants that are perfect to give as a present. Another gift idea are our delicious truffles, which are received with love by everyone! To complete your chocolate adventure, we also have the macarons. All our macarons are handmade using the best natural ingredients. We propose 13 different flavours, great for sharing between friends and family, perfect to make your day a little bit more fun, tastier and colourful.

    Elisabetta Passafaro

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