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      Chocolate workshops

      Elisabetta Passafaro

      Belgian chocolate making class and workshop

      Meet Elisabetta, our chocolate maker, discover the wonders of Belgian chocolate and learn how to make these tasty treats with one of the very few real chocolate makers based in Brussels. Enjoy an approx. 1.5 hour workshop with the guidance of our expert chocolatiers and have a go at making amazing handmade chocolates yourself.

      • Convenient mobile ticketing.
        Use your mobile phone or print your voucher.
      • Duration -/+ 1.5 hour.
        Check availability to see starting times.
        The workshop starts every day at 5pm, Monday to Sunday.
        Additional workshops at 2pm during the week-ends and on some specific days.
      • Instant confirmation.
        You can book up to 1 hour before the start of the workshop.
        Check the dates using Agenda Brussels or by calling us +32 (0)2 203 92 20.
      • Guests receive free leaflets during the workshop.
        You can download the electronic pdf version from here.
      • Available in English, French and Italian.
        These three languages can be spoken simultaneously during the workshop if necessary.
      • Aprons are not provided but participants can buy them at the cashdesk as an option.
        We sell aprons with our logo embroided for the price of 10 euros.
      • All participants receive a pair of gloves and a hairnet to prevent them from spreading particulate contamination during the workshop.
      • Check our terms and conditions and cancellation policy.


      • Discover the secrets of Belgian chocolate and learn why Belgium is famous for chocolate
      • Create your own chocolate treats with the help of our chocolate makers (Elisabetta, Patricia, Alexia, Alana and Margaux)
      • Discover a newly discovered cocoa bean that creates pink chocolate
      • Take your creations home to share and enjoy even more!

      About COVID, what is the situation in Brussels?

      Actually in Brussels, this is code yellow.
      • The wearing of the mask is no longer to participate at our workshops and classes.
      • The Covid Safe Ticket is no longer required to access our workshop area.

      Visit Brussels

      Brussels is the capitale of Belgian chocolate and we are the only certified handmade chocolate maker for the whole district of Brussels (1000). You can check easily that information on the official website of SPF Economie. Making our chocolate using our hands and in front of our clients really makes a difference! You can read more about what Brussels has to offer around Belgian chocolate using the Visit.Brussels website. Discover the activities around chocolate and also the best places where to buy chocolate according Visit.Brussels.
      Since July 2022, we also sell our workshops from the Visit.Brussels desk located at the Brussels Info Place (BIP), rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels. It is opened Monday to Saturday from 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Another alternative is to go to the other Visit.Brussels desk located in the City Hall at Grand' Place. It is opened every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Tickets can also be bought from the platform Visit.Brussels.

      Let's make the magic starting!

      The experience begins with a warm welcome from your guides and a delicious cup of hot chocolate or a Belgian waffle. While you drink, listen to a short but fascinating introduction into the world of Belgian chocolate and learn an array of chocolate making secrets.
      After the intro, the real fun begins with a demonstration of chocolate tempering on a marble table. It’s then time to have a go yourself and make your own chocolate treats with the help of expert chocolatiers. Spend the hour making your very own personalized and tasty mendiants, truffles, lollipops and more. You’ll also get to work with ruby chocolate, a newly discovered cocoa bean that is 100% natural but which creates incredibly pink chocolate treats!
      At the end of the experience, package up your chocolates and take them home with you to share with friends, or enjoy alone!
      Everything you make during the workshop will be wrapped up so that you can take it home.

      How to book?

      Actually, you can book our public workshop via several applications:
      It's always better to book directly from us using our online agenda. Immediate booking confirmation and extra discount!
      Enter the code SHOPBRUSSELS10 during the checkout and get 10% off when you book directly from us.

      We cannot accept kids (6-12 years old) on their own participating in our chocolate workshops. We always request an adult supervision.
      At least one adult booking is requested when a booking is made for one or more kids from 6 to 12 years old.

      We do not accept kids less than 6 years old. Age verification can be requested at the entrance.
      All bookings are final. No refund is possible. Nevertheless we propose to all our clients a cancellation insurance.
      When you opt in for the cancellation insurance, you can get reimbursed even if you miss the workshop because your train is late or if you are feeling sick on the day of the event using this online form.
      Alternatively, you can also buy some gift cards (vouchers) online, directly from us, by clicking here.


      Private and corporate events

      We also organize private and corporate workshops every day.
      If you’re looking for an alternative idea to the usual corporate team building activity, a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or an interactive and educational experience for your team, colleagues, partners… We can deliver it!
      Click here to download the pdf for private events.
      Happiness is German engineering, Italian cooking and Belgian chocolate!
      Elisabetta Passafaro

      Have fun with us!
      Book your belgian chocolate workshop!

      Meet Elisabetta and Patricia, our chocolate makers, discover the wonders of Belgian chocolate and learn how to make these tasty treats with one of the very few real chocolate makers based in Brussels. Enjoy an approx. 1 hour chocolate workshop with the guidance of our expert chocolatiers and have a go at making amazing handmade chocolates yourself.
      Discover and taste our cacao beans, learn about the origins of our beans and make belgian chocolates with us!
      The Belgian Chocolate Makers