Risk disclaimer

    Our quality and freshness guarantee

    All the products branded The Belgian Chocolate Makers are handmade produced in our store. We only use first grade ingredients and elaborated recipes. We do not use any preservatives. Freshness without compromise ! Please note the short shelf life of our handmade pralines. It is the best guarantee of their freshness and the quality of the ingredients. Our chocolates are best preserved under 12 to 18 degrees of Celsius temperature range, with a humidity between 40-60 %.
    If you plan to buy our handmade products for a special occasion, we suggest you to place an order only a couple of days in advance.
    In case of any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

    Risk and responsibility for transport

    By placing an order on our website, you agree with our terms of sale and especially you understand where responsibility lies in event of loss, melting or damage. Our terms of sale are based on the principle that the risk of loss, melting or damage is transferred from us (the seller) to you (the buyer) when you (the buyer) have paid for the order.
    As soon as the payment of an order is recorded, we transfer the ownership of the products bought to the buyer (you).
    We have an obligation to take reasonable care in the preparation and the packing of the goods.
    We are responsible for arranging and paying cost of shipment and for arranging the products bought to be picked by the carrier company selected during the checkout process: Bpost, UPS, GLS, PostNL or Shippr.
    Until the products are kept in our store, they are under our responsibility. Once the products bought are picked up by the selected carrier company, the risk of the transport transfers automatically from the seller (us) to the buyer (you). We cannot be responsible if anything happens during the transport of the products bought from our website.
    For every order you place on our website, you will receive a tracking number via email once the parcel is leaving us and has been confirmed with the courrier. The tracking number becomes functional once the parcel is collected, and the barcode is scanned for the first time in the depot.
    During transit, this barcode is scanned at every depot, updating the tracking system. We recommend forwarding the parcel tracking number to the recipient of the shipment and following the status of your parcel periodically. If the status in the tracking system has not changed in more than 48 hours, please send us a message, and we will check the situation with the carrier.
    If you select the carrier being GLS Logistics, Bpost or PostNL, then the shipment is not assured.
    If you select the carrier being UPS, then we automatically add an insurance for the total amount of the order. Claims need to be made directly thru UPS if anything is found broken or melt during the transport or if the parcel is lost, damaged or delayed.

    File your claim online:

    Melting point

    The melting point for chocolate is slightly under the human body temperature at 30 to 32 degrees Celsius. This will require a temperature controlled environment for storage and transportation. The actual melting point will depend on the chocolate mixture being used.

    We are not responsible if the chocolates are melting during the transport.

    The client needs to use common sense before placing an order from us. For example, it is not advisable to order our chocolates if you wish to ship them to New York City in August when the temperature and the level of humidity are very high.

    Only the very best handmade chocolate !

    Poorness is not acceptable at The Belgian Chocolate Makers. All the products carrying our brand are produced using the very best ingredients. All of our chocolates are made with 100% pure chocolate butter that grants the finest taste and look.
    All of our chocolates are made by our chocolate expert, Elisabetta Passafaro, inside our store located in Brussels and using traditional chocolate making methods. To make our chocolates, figurines and bars, we use premium Belgian chocolate from bean to bar produced by Van Dender. Making chocolate is an art. The cacao beans are first roasted, then cracked and peeled and ground into a paste here in Brussels. Our handmade Chocomeli brand is really 100% made in Brussels from beans to chocolate! No trick, no cheating! Our chocolate is guaranteed 100% made in Brussels.
    We put our uttermost effort to ensure your satisfaction. In case we failed to meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected].
    The Belgian Chocolate Makers