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    Handmade belgian chocolates by Elisabetta Passafaro

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    At The Belgian Chocolate Makers, we clearly put quality before quantity.

    To produce our handmade chocolates, we only use high quality cocoa beans from all around the world. From Costa Rica to India, we choose the rarest beans to develop all the flavors in an original chocolate with an unique taste. Making chocolate is an art. At the origin of the taste, there is the bean, and all the work that lets explode all its flavors. From roasting to conching, here is the birth of aromas. Our handmade Chocomeli brand is really 100% made in Belgium using premium selected cocoa beans!

    No trick, no cheating, we are a true local artisan! It's really me and my team who produce all our chocolates in our Brussels store.

    Elisabetta Passafaro


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    Dark with strawberries, coconut and cocoa nibs
    This item is available.
    € 8,96 Excl. tax
    Gift box  24 macarons
    This item is available.
    € 51,89 Excl. tax
    Macaron tagada strawberry
    This item is available.
    € 1,89 Excl. tax
    Macarons (x12)
    This item is available.
    € 22,64 Excl. tax
    Macarons on a chocolate pyramid
    This item is available.
    € 108,49 Excl. tax
    Mendiants box (mix 4 flavors)
    This item is available.
    € 12,74 Excl. tax
    Milk 44% with coco, strawberries and cocoa beans
    This item is available.
    € 11,79 Excl. tax
    White with stawberries and pistachios
    This item is available.
    € 11,79 Excl. tax
    • No child slavery
    • Non-GMO and organic
    • Fairtrade certified