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    Handmade chocolate bar (dark 75%) Nicaragua 'Nugu' 100 Grs

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    Did you know about our handmade chocolates?

    Elisabetta Passafaro

    Quality before quantity

    At the origin of the taste, there is the bean, and all the work that lets explode all its flavors. From roasting to conching, here is the birth of aromas. We partner with François Deremiens to explore and propose to our clients the finest and original beans from all over the world. From the big monkeys valley in Congo to the Tsachilas indians villages in Ecuador, François is selecting for us some particular and rares cocoa beans. A discovery of nuances and colors in the heart of plantations. The roasting is made by François and his team at his factory located in Jamoigne (Belgium). The chocolate drops are then delivered to our store and, at that stage, my work starts! Transforming the callets into pralines, truffles, figurines, bars, mendiants... My job is wonderful!

    VeganNo tricks, no lies, no secrets! We tell you really everything...
    We guarantee our chocolates to be 100% handmade in Belgium using the finest cocoa beans.
    Elisabetta Passafaro


    Dark chocolate 75% (Nicaragua cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin)
    Net weight
    100 Grs
    May contain milk, dried fruits, gluten, eggs or soy.
    Nutrition (per 100 grs)
    Calories: 2234kj (540kcal). Proteins: 8.5g. Fat: 40.3g of which saturated fatty acids 30.3g. Carbohydrates: 30.5g including sugars 24.6g and dietary fiber 10.9g. Salt: 0.05g.
    Storage conditions
    Optimal storage temperature: 12 ° C - 18 ° C. Keep away from light. Keep the product in a clean, dry place (max humidity 70%) and odorless.

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    Handmade chocolate bar (dark 75%) Nicaragua 'Nugu' 100 Grs
    € 5,85
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    Handmade chocolate bar (dark 75%) Nicaragua 'Nugu' 100 Grs
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